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Important Facts About Social Security & Divorce

If you’re worried about your retirement after a divorce, the good news is that you have options available to secure your financial situation. Learn more about the Social Security benefits offered to divorced spouses here. Divorce & Social Security: What You Need to Know Social Security benefits are an important part of most American’s income […]

Spying on Your Spouse During Divorce: Good or Bad Idea?

Thinking about spying on your spouse to obtain evidence for a divorce? Think again. Spousal spying can have some serious negative consequences. Learn why this is a bad idea here. Divorce & Spying: Is it Legal? It is never a good idea to spy on your spouse during divorce proceedings. Not only do you risk […]

Child Custody Violations: Parenting Time Enforcement Options

When a parent violates a court-ordered child custody agreement, they could face some serious consequences. Read more about more what happens when custody arrangements are ignored. When a Parent Violates Court-Ordered Child Custody Unfortunately, former spouses sometimes use their children to get back at each other, from withholding parenting time to outright violating court-ordered custody […]